Quirky Product Review #1

From now on, in order to fill my lack of meaningful activity, I’ll try to review some of the cool stuff I found in internet every week. I hope this post somehow inspires you, or simply makes you say “Shut up, and take my money!.” So here are the coolest stuff you can get this week.

1. Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes

What do you get when you combine the seven levels of Hell with a Borg Cube? How does it feel to manipulate space and time by rotating an object with the same dimension in each dimension in order to free a trapped silver sphere? You’re about to find out when you face the challenge of the Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes.

There are five different Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes – each one more challenging than the last. Inside each cube are seven levels, each a labyrinth. You must turn the Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cube, blindly manipulating the ball through each level of maze to get it to come out the other side. The easier cubes have maps for each level and can be taken apart to get the marble back. The harder cubes are sealed and have nothing to help you. Close your eyes, project yourself into the cube, and concentrate. Only then will you be able to solve the Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes; only then will you earn the respect of your enemies. (Think Geek)
Here’s my take, this cube is simply awesome. From a successful kickstarter project to a beautiful box of unique puzzle, this $30 stuff is absolutely for you who loves rubiks cube. It really takes your spatial thinking off the limit.

2. Strandbeest Kit

The fantastic Theo Jansen is world-renowned for his creations consisting of PVC pipes, wood, and various plastics. The resulting concoctions spring to life with the slightest breeze and walks the earth on hundreds of tiny feet all on its own. A beautiful amalgamation of art and engineering, these Strandbeest vary in size ranging from the size of small animals to behemoths of incredible proportion. Regardless of size, they all maintain baffling intricacies that make them seem alive.

It is said that, when two Strandbeests (Strandbeesten? Strandbeesties?) love each other very much, a little baby Strandbeest emerges. Sadly, most of us don’t have access to Theo’s boney brood, but we can be parents yet! With the Strandbeest kit, you could create and give birth to an adorable wind powered baby beast all on your own. It’ll take on a life of its own, waking when the breeze blows and sleeping when the air is still. Watch as your little beast slowly makes its way around your desk and into your heart. (Think Geek)

If you’re a fan of complex thing or curious about how a mechanical legs can actually form a creepy and unique walker-toy at the same time, well, perhaps you wouldn’t miss this.

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