Revisiting Gili Trawangan

It’s been a while since my last visit to the popular Gili Trawangan. The island has evolve into an established tourism spot in North Lombok, and still one of the main attraction for tourist both domestic and international. With its long tradition of no-motor island, Gili Trawangan managed to preserve the air quality, and sea conservation as it not much changed since my first visit in 2005. So here are a glance of my short vacation last January.

The famous Bangsal Harbor.

My brother and I, start from Bangsal Harbor a bit late, but still manage to get a comfortable before-10-AM smooth sail to Trawangan. We bought small amount of mineral water and snacks to avoid unnecessary mark-up spending in the island. Of course you can get several other alternatives to reach any of those three Gilis. Bangsal has the cheapest deal (tickets around 15,000 rupiah) if you don’t travel in groups, or simply because you want to experience the main logistics line of Trawangan. Had your luck in favor, you might board along with vegetables, foods, water jugs, gas, and many other.

Your travel mate.

Once you arrived, take your camera out, and have a selfies in front of there Hollywood-like sign.

Yay! Arrived after 30-minutes voyage.

Bicycle and cidomo are still the main transportation modes here. You can afford the bike rent as cheap as 30,000 rupiah.

Ride along the shore.

No motor transport here.

We spent the afternoon hot enough as we rent a canoe and snorkeling tools, covering the east side of Trawangan. You get a plenty of options here. Either to spent the blistering sunny day in the boat (visiting three Gilis ), enjoy gelatos, para-sailing, diving, or circling the island with bike. We choose the later after we got sunburned from snorkeling.

A common spot for snorkeling.

Sunset spot in west side of the island.

The west side of the island populated with a rather quiet hotels and shore. You can see the open Lombok strait, and sunset spots. Some of the road yet to be paved. It’s a good place to just hide.

A quiet view.

My brother get all of the photos since I am the one with camera.

When the clock hit around 3 PM, we rushed into the harbor to return, and wait until the quota of passenger is fulfilled. Any trip above 4 PM might encounter a rather huge waves and not a comfortable thing for you who aren’t familiar with boat sailing.

The view before we return.

In less than 12 hours, my brother and I had an interesting short vacation with very low budget. Some of my friend also often spent one-day vacation in Trawangan. It never failed to amused me.

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