On Hungry

I can’t imagine how big is the world consumption rate for food. In fact, besides the increasing number of human population, we are eating more food everyday. In term of food supply, I read it on Popsci that, well, ironically the world produce more food that capable to feed more than enough people in this planet, but somehow, hunger, yes the real world starvation not the temporary hunger for craving a big mac on the corner of fancy McDonalds, is somehow still around.

You can come up with number of culprits to this situation. I am not going to waste your time to bluffing the same thing you might been heard of. However, yes, technically speaking, the flow or the logistics movement of this product is sucks. How can you waste uneaten salad in US while people in the middle of Africa are suffering just to get anything to eat for? How do we equally distribute the food? I just wonder if our planet food organization were independently operate to deliver them to every living person in these planet. But you know, I know, that could not be possible at all.

Apart for the logistics problem, of course, any innovation in farming industries would also help us to be more efficient by year. One of the craziest idea is to utilize the desert. On more of future farming, look up here.

In the end, this hunger madness, will continue to thrive. They will seek every stomach, and force the HCl to give a rather not pleasant butterfly in your tummy. As John Green said, “the pain demands to be felt.” This minute you’re reading, a little boy can’t finish their meal and thinking about throwing them away, while across the ocean, a skinnier little boy rummaging a trash can, wishing a random portal, a food portal, would somehow transfer all the unwanted food in the world to him. Although not in every occasion would he found a leftover, he is a rather lucky though. Just like his Mom said, that people like him, will always able continue their story another day, as long they keep the hope safe, safe enough to burn the curiosity of their food-portal hunting tomorrow.

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