Is Data Collection That Hard?

This morning, I was struck by a question, does data collection is the most difficult step in completing Tugas Akhir? Well, let’s talk about this thing a little bit. Tugas akhir (or you can final essay) is actually consisted into several chapters. Summed up, those chapters are Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Data Collection, Analysis, and finally Conclusion. For me, every chapter in Tugas Akhir reflected a very different kind of approach and has its own obstacles. It require a various skills and thinking that someone can have their own opinion on which step or chapter is the most difficult.

This fact give me a thought that actually, the most difficult part or chapter is not absolute. In other words, it depend on what kind of essay or Tugas Akhir you’re working on. Industrial engineering has a good array of study which encompass modelling, statistics, simulation, manufacturing, consumer relationship things, etc. Every field of research has distintive defiances. For example, a simulation essay or Tugas Akhir can be troublesome in data collection, while modelling essay may be a bit intense on methods or analysis. Some essay might required a lot of data in form of questionnaires, or troubled to accuired certain type of data from a certain system due to lack of accessibility, or many else. Besides, data collection become difficult because it have to deal with three technical issues such as Data Availability, Quality of Data, and Data Constraints.

Other issue that commonly known for student as the hardest part of writing an essay or Tugas Akhir is the idea generation. For me, idea generation is in fact a common obstacle in doing any research in any field of study. To find an appropriate and suitable topics need a lot of time and thinking. But however, I don’t see idea generation as the most difficult one because it is supposed to be quite a long time to take. Just like a phase of production activity in manufacturing, that planning is the one that required time and other resources the most, but as always operation or execution that quite a problem to be handled.

So consequently, data collection is not always the most difficult step in completing Tugas Akhir. It is the most difficult just only when we are working on certain field of study (or topic), that required a big number of data, or it is possibly hard just to accuired it.

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