Truck Routing Problem: Basic

Imagine one day you’re running a business or sitting as a transport planner with one task in mind, how do I delivery my product in the right time and the most efficient way? This enigma is often related to one of the famous Vehicle Routing Problem, which is a combinatorial optimization and integer programming problem to achieve the optimal set of routes for a fleet of vehicles to traverse in order to deliver to a given set of customers. Of course nowadays you can easily solved this by utilizing a thousand dollar worth of software. But in this series of post, I’d like to take a basic view on how to solve this by using a simple spreadsheet tool. Continue reading Truck Routing Problem: Basic

On Hungry

I can’t imagine how big is the world consumption rate for food. In fact, besides the increasing number of human population, we are eating more food everyday. In term of food supply, I read it on Popsci that, well, ironically the world produce more food that capable to feed more than enough people in this planet, but somehow, hunger, yes the real world starvation not the temporary hunger for craving a big mac on the corner of fancy McDonalds, is somehow still around.

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