Grouping Problem (Part 1)

This problem actually intrigued me on a certain conference a couple weeks ago, where all the participants have to queue in groups to get their room key. As usual, in order to distributed people as even as possible, the event organizer provide seven different tables based on alphabetical order. Alas, my first name, R, happen to be grouped with S and T. There were a chaotic since it turns out that a lot people swarming the table, where as the other lucky letter not. Does the organizer didn’t pay enough attention to do this mundane grouping? How do we solve it using a simple spreadsheet trick?

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How to Win at Monopoly Game

If you are willing enough to inquire this post title in Google, you might find better reference and realize that such enigma are long solved. I will try to share in the modest way and utilize the simple Excel simulation to explain the strategy, and which block you should invest on.

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