Grouping Problem (Part 1)

This problem actually intrigued me on a certain conference a couple weeks ago, where all the participants have to queue in groups to get their room key. As usual, in order to distributed people as even as possible, the event organizer provide seven different tables based on alphabetical order. Alas, my first name, R, happen to be grouped with S and T. There were a chaotic since it turns out that a lot people swarming the table, where as the other lucky letter not. Does the organizer didn’t pay enough attention to do this mundane grouping? How do we solve it using a simple spreadsheet trick?

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On Hungry

I can’t imagine how big is the world consumption rate for food. In fact, besides the increasing number of human population, we are eating more food everyday. In term of food supply, I read it on Popsci that, well, ironically the world produce more food that capable to feed more than enough people in this planet, but somehow, hunger, yes the real world starvation not the temporary hunger for craving a big mac on the corner of fancy McDonalds, is somehow still around.

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Ninety Percent of Everything

It was a hot day in terminal Kariangau, Balikpapan’s newest container port in top corner of the city. We watch a group of six RTGs working to serve both loaded and empty container back to shore. As container crane there ready to put these boxes into the Armada Permata ship. A Jakartan based mid-sized boat. Then I realized the brilliance of these invention. The standardized boxes that shape ninety percent of everything.

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