Netflix Movie Choices: July 2017

It’s mid July 2017. You probably watched Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Homecoming already. Well, since there are no good movie option left, you might want to hit this five movies you could watch on Netflix right now.

Dangal (IMDB 8.7)

The first time I know Dangal was on Netflix, I watch it right away with my brother in excitement. Since Dangal only showed at limited XXI Cinemas in Surabaya, I was highly anticipated this movie a lot. Amir Khan lured me up with a brand new theme about sport this time, after a great run on social-critics in p.k. I doubt that I’ll be a bit bored since the last sport-themed movie I watch, Foxcatcher, fail to amused me. But I’m glad I was wrong. Dangal is a perfect movie about a man of determination on his dream, and bring wrestling such an interesting sport to follow.

If you’re a fan of Amir Khan, then you should definitely watch this movie. Amir Khan body transformation is amazing. Sayonara six-pack!

The Invisible Guest (IMDB 8.0)

I saw it after somehow, some people on Twitter recommend it. It turns out that, the movie has many to offers. Love the plot and how hard it is to guess the main idea of the entire movie. The cast are not familiar though it succeed to deliver an outstanding performance. If your a fan of good plot twist, then watch it already.

The House of Small Cubes (IMDB 8.3)

It was one of the best short movie ever made. Love how an old man reminicing the past through diving his own house. Definitely a heartwarming story.

Homecoming King (IMDB ??)

Hasan-bai! You’re awesome dude! Clean and amazing stand up you have! Nuff said.

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